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Investors in properties look forward to returns on their investments, and one of the main sources of such returns is income from letting. This income source can be threatened if due diligence is not carried out on the character and capacity of prospective tenants. We undertake on your behalf vetting of the intending tenants so as to mitigate the associated risk of default in payment of rents on your properties as and when due, thus giving you some level of comfort and reliability on the projected returns on your investment.


For upcoming and upwardly mobile working class young men and women, securing decent accommodation are often times challenging considering the initial cash outlay required. Apartment sharing thus become an attractive way out for paired prospective “flat mates” who on one hand share the required financial commitment, and on the other have optimal utilization of the facilities, especially the rooms in the apartment. This is similar to the concept of co-location that has become very popular in the Telecoms industry. It goes without saying that our responsibility in this regard is to find and pair compatible potential flat mates, after undertaking the necessary background security checks and other essential profiling.


We offer renovation services to give your properties the desired facelift that will confer on it competitive edge in the market place. Quality workmanship is our watchword and we promise you timely delivery, working within your budget.


Do you plan to be away from home on a short term basis, but still desire the home feel? We offer you short let fully serviced apartments that will give you the feeling of home away from home


Property related transactions often require legal services, hence why we have in place for your convenience “one-stop” arrangement where our affiliated Solicitors can meet your legal service needs under the same umbrella.

Before letting your property, it is important to fully understand the rights and responsibilities of being a landlord. It’s also vital to know what you can expect from a letting agent who manages the property for you.

A typical scenario: three months into a tenancy on your property that is managed by a letting agent, the tenants refuses to pay their rents. The questions in this situation are many. Can the tenants refuse to pay their rent and get away with it? How can you successfully claim the unpaid rent from the tenants or the letting agency? Are you obliged to retain the services of the letting agency? What are you liable for? Legislation protecting tenant rights can appear a real hurdle, but this need not be the case.


one2one Legal can help

one2one Legal advisers can advise on the obligations you have to your tenants and vice versa, what you can do with their deposits and what rights you have if things go wrong.

We can help you better understand your rights and responsibilities as a landlord including:

  • all aspects of assured short-hold tenancy agreements
  • the need to use a tenancy deposit protection scheme
  • your right to reasonable access to carry out repairs and inspections
  • your responsibilities regarding utilities such as installations of meter

one2one Legal advisers will give you individual, jargon free legal advice to help you solve tenant disputes. All these for free when we manage your property.


With millions of students heading off to university every year, we realised that an easy, reliable, and smart way to find and book student housing is required. In student housing, “one size fits all” never works. We offer you a variety of options such as choosing an entire place, a shared apartment, or a private room – whatever suits your needs. We ensure that all properties listed with us are comfortable, welcoming, and conducive for a student’s lifestyle. Shared Room has two or more people sleeping in separate beds in the same room. Any additional living space like living room, kitchen and bathroom are shared with other rooms. In a Private Room you have a private bedroom, other facilities are shared with other rooms. If you rent the Entire Place, you will get a fully self-contained property. This means that all your living space as well as cooking and bathing facilities are only for you and you don’t have to share with anyone.

No secrets. We promise. You only pay the rent, the whole rent, and nothing but the rent.


The Core of Our Management Portfolio.

A significant proportion of our portfolio is made up of Resident Management and this has been the case for the many years that we have specialise in property management.  Because of this, we have developed an extremely customer-centric service delivery that revolves around communication, quality service delivery, and value for money.

The unpalatable experiences of some client with some property managers sometimes places us at a vantage position to win them over, leveraging on referrals given in our favor by clients that are satisfied with our services.

We place strong emphasis on effective communication with clients, continuity of Property Managers in charge of client’s account, and regular engagement with residents about the issues affecting their apartments.  Our Property Managers handle client funds diligently, and we carefully manage the quality of all contracts against tried and tested specifications and high quality benchmarks.

When we win the mandate for a new property, we undertake a thorough review of the condition of the building and the standard of the services being provided. Competitive tendering of regular services and the creation and implementation of a long term maintenance plan ensures that items requiring immediate attention and long term planning are addressed accordingly during this period.

If you are looking for a management firm with a fresh and customer-centric approach who will work with you, listen and respond to your concerns, then please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


Critical elements of effective management includes sound financial management, auditing and credit control.  Handling our client’s finances is taken very seriously and we operate to strict industry standards and to the expectations of all our Clients. one2one property Ltd  employs technology to effectively monitor every aspect of clients account, especially income vs expenditures.  We retain a full transaction history of every payment and receipt that can be viewed at the touch of a button and we operate with complete transparency at all times and with a full audit trail.

Client funds are safely ring-fenced in complete compliance with the kind of trust expected of us from Landlords, Tenants, Buyers & Sellers.  All client funds are protected by our innovative ‘client money protection scheme’.

Briefing and updating clients is undertaken regularly either through online media or face to face meetings.  Our use of technology enables one2one property Ltd to produce financial reports and key points of management of properties to clients in a clear and concise manner.


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