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Rent Collection
one2one property Ltd operate with an incredibly low level of service charge arrears and we make it easy for our tenants to pay the service charge, or spread the cost throughout the year via  monthly installments.  We take a firm but fair approach to outstanding rents collection and management of finance in fairness to all tenants.  If payment becomes overdue, we send series of reminder letters and following that with advise that legal action will be taken to recover the debt.  Should legal recovery be required, this will be undertaken in a professional, cost effective and timely manner.

We can get involved in minor disagreements between Landlords and Tenants in order to repair relationship and maintain peace between parties if invited to do so. Our team of experienced legal representatives are always willing to render support to our clients free of charge.

As your property manager, we:

➡ Pay you top market rent for your property.

You will be happy with your rental income

➡ Give you LOW-FEE management.

You pay a minimal fee while we take utmost care of your property.

➡ Ensure your property is kept clean at all time.

Our professional cleaning team keeps your asset in pristine condition.

➡ Digitally report the condition of the property.

Receive a digital report every quarter on your property’s tip-top condition.

➡ Coordinate maintenance work to save you time.

You don’t have to physically visit your property if you don’t want to.

➡ Negotiate the best prices with contractors.

We put in the time to get multiple quotes and select the best price on your behalf.

➡ Remove all of the hassles of owning property.

We take away the management hassles to give you a stress free property investment.

Our philosophy has always been one2one care, “to care for your property as though we live there”. We put ourselves in your shoes.

Landlord rights and responsibilities
From experience landlord-tenant relationships have often times been bedevilled by avoidable frictions, just because the underlying responsibilities of both parties in the contract are either glossed over, or not well spelt out. To eliminate this potential area of conflict, here stated below are the expected responsibilities of both parties which if adhered to will foster a healthy relationship:


  • Ensure the property under consideration is habitable
  • Prompt response to genuine complaints of tenants
  • Take responsibility for statutory obligations relating to the property

When you contract to rent an apartment, you need to be aware of the rights you have should any problem arise. Getting tenancy advice on your landlord’s right and obligations to you can ease your stress at anxious times, and give you the confidence you need to resolve any issue with your accommodation. Your landlord may turn up unannounced or delay the refund of your deposit our lawyers and legal advisers are available to provide you with the tenancy advice, you need to know exactly where you stand. Some of your obligations to the landlord are listed below.

  • Prompt payment of rent as and when due
  • Prompt payment of utility/service bills
  • Maintaining civil & cordial relationship with co-tenants
  • Proper maintenance of the rented property and the facilities therein.

The above listed responsibilities are non-negotiable, and it is our promise to ensure both parties live by them.


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